The Bill

Series 22 - Episode 79

About this programme

79/91. Dan takes a shine to his flirtatious `girlfriend' when he goes undercover in a sting operation to entrap a fraudulent currency dealer - and turns up late for his first serious outing in the boxing ring. Stuart and Sam investigate an arson attack on the home of a foster carer which seems to be the work of a disgruntled former charge. June finally hears the news she's been waiting for from Rod.

Cast and crew


DS Samantha Nixon
Lisa Maxwell
DS Stuart Turner
Doug Rao
Dawn Willett
Claire Louise Cordwell
Warren Pritchard
Samuel Oately
DS Phil Hunter
Scott Maslen
PC Dan Casper
Chris Jarvis
Tammy Clarkson
Sally Leonard
DC Mickey Webb
Chris Simmons
Sylvia Willett
Helen Griffin
Ahmed Chowdhury
Kammy Darweish
PC Will Fletcher
Gary Lucy
Kareena Ravat
Farzana Dua Elahe
Sgt Dale Smith
Alex Walkinshaw
DC Kezia Walker
Cat Simmons
Insp Gina Gold
Roberta Taylor
Sgt June Ackland
Trudie Goodwin
Rod Jessop
Richard Hope
DI Neil Manson
Andrew Lancel


Robbie Del Maestro
Tim Key
Chris Bould