The Bill

Series 22 - Episode 89

About this programme

89/91. Diane encounters an old army colleague and the incident stirs painful memories of her service days when a young soldier committed suicide. Smithy lends a sympathetic ear when she confides in him about her guilty feelings at having failed to halt the bullying which caused the tragedy. Mickey pushes the boat out to capture Mia's heart and Honey invites Will back to her place for the night after an evening in the pub.

Cast and crew


PC Diane Noble
Kaye Wragg
PC Honey Harman
Kim Tiddy
Peter Stenning
Steve Hansell
DC Kezia Walker
Cat Simmons
DC Mickey Webb
Chris Simmons
Don Shardlow
Glyn Grimstead
Esther Stenning
Rhoda Ofori-Attah
PC Will Fletcher
Gary Lucy
Maggie Pryor
Jeanne Hepple
Sgt Dale Smith
Alex Walkinshaw
Mia Perry
Jo-Anne Knowles
PC Leela Kapoor
Seema Bowri
Ashley Sinclair
Jamie Bower
Cameron Shardlow
Matt Watts
Winston Taunton
Bill Moody


Adrian Vitoria
Andrea Sapsford
Cyril Hughes