The Bill

Series 22 - Episode 78

About this programme

78/91. Zain is troubled on the anniversary of his sister's drug-related death but decides to continue with his undercover operation, even though it means lying to Kristen. Will assumes Matt was behind his beating and throws a punch at him - only to end up being arrested by Tony for his actions. Yvonne impresses Heaton by getting a result in the break-in case involving Billy Aldridge.

Cast and crew


PC Yvonne Hemmingway
Michele Austin
DC Zain Nadir
TJ Ramini
PC Will Fletcher
Gary Lucy
DC Terry Perkins
Bruce Byron
PC Honey Harman
Kim Tiddy
PC Emma Keane
Melanie Gutteridge
Matt Hinckley
Mark Dexter
Dr Andrew Wilder
Grant Masters
PC Tony Stamp
Graham Cole
Supt John Heaton
Daniel Flynn
PC Lewis Hardy
Aml Ameen
PC Reg Hollis
Jeff Stewart
Billy Aldridge
Adam Deacon
PC Leela Kapoor
Seema Bowri
Kristen Shaw
Christine Stephen-Daly
Tina Powell
Sarah Beck Mather
Sgt Dale Smith
Alex Walkinshaw
Carmen Nadir
Souad Faress
David Fortune
Raymond Waring
Carol Oakley
Doreene Blackstock


Robert Del Maestro
Tim Key
Chris Ould