The Wire

Series 4 - 7. Unto Others

Unto Others

About this programme

7/13. Omar persuades Bunk to help him prove his innocence, and Greggs revisits the crime scene and finds new evidence relating to the witness who was killed. Prez manages to trick his students into learning maths, while in Colvin's class Namond discovers that certain school rules no longer apply. Proposition Joe continues to court Marlo, and Carver hands Randy over to Herc, who fails to understand the importance of the boy's story.

Cast and crew


Thomas J Carcetti
Aidan Gillen
Randy Wagstaff
Maestro Harrell
Namond Brice
Julito McCullum
Michael Lee
Tristan Wilds
Duquan 'Dukie' Weems
Jermaine Crawford
Roland `Prez' Pryzbylewski
Jim True-Frost
Howard `Bunny' Colvin
Robert Wisdom
Det William `Bunk' Moreland
Wendell Pierce
Det Ellis Carver
Seth Gilliam
Det Thomas `Herc' Hauk
Domenick Lombardozzi
Det Shakima Greggs
Sonja Sohn
Marlo Stanfield
Jamie Hector
Omar Little
Michael K Williams
Clarence Royce
Glynn Turman
Joseph `Proposition Joe' Stewart
Robert F Chew
Det Jimmy McNulty
Dominic West
Lt Cedric Daniels
Lance Reddick


Anthony Hemingway
William F Zorzi