The Bill

Series 22 - Episode 67

About this programme

67/91. Will returns to duty after recovering from injuries sustained in the explosion and immediately becomes a hero when he foils a suicide bid by long-suffering Louisa Durante. His moment of glory is tinged with disappointment on learning Emma is engaged to Matt, and he later discovers Dan is using steroids to boost his boxing prospects. Aware of the pressure on veterans Tony and Reg, Smithy gives them what seems to be a simple dog-napping case, but it's not long before Sun Hill has a murder inquiry on its hands.

Cast and crew


PC Tony Stamp
Graham Cole
PC Reg Hollis
Jeff Stewart
DC Kezia Walker
Cat Simmons
DC Mickey Webb
Chris Simmons
PC Emma Keane
Melanie Gutteridge
PC Will Fletcher
Gary Lucy
Sgt Dale Smith
Alex Walkinshaw
PC Dan Casper
Chris Jarvis
PC Lewis Hardy
Aml Ameen
Dawn Swanson
Emma Amos
Norman Stamp
John Woodvine
Jacquie Stamp
Pauline Whitaker
Louisa Durante
Hannah Storey
George Swanson
Danny Webb
Jim Parks
Eamonn Riley
PC Yvonne Hemmingway
Michele Austin
Matt Hinckley
Mark Dexter
Mr Frost
Jem Wall
DC Terry Perkins
Bruce Byron
Ross Bryan
Tim Kirby
Supt John Heaton
Daniel Flynn
Keith Durante
Wayne Foskett
Holly Perkins
Florence Bell


Jan Bauer
Tim Key
Emma Goodwin