The Bill

Series 22 - Episode 68

About this programme

68/91. Hospital-grade morphine appears on the streets of Sun Hill and is soon traced back to St Hugh's, where the doctor in charge of the internal investigation proves less than cooperative with the police. Under pressure from Will, Dan admits his debt to illegal steroid use and agrees to throw his big fight, but gets carried away with the atmosphere and knocks his opponent out. Tony pays his last respects as his father passes away peacefully.

Cast and crew


PC Dan Casper
Chris Jarvis
PC Will Fletcher
Gary Lucy
DC Mickey Webb
Chris Simmons
PC Lewis Hardy
Aml Ameen
PC Tony Stamp
Graham Cole
Insp Gina Gold
Roberta Taylor
PC Reg Hollis
Jeff Stewart
Norman Stamp
John Woodvine
Jacquie Stamp
Pauline Whitaker
Sonia Baker
Clare McCarron
PC Emma Keane
Melanie Gutteridge
DC Terry Perkins
Bruce Byron
Supt John Heaton
Daniel Flynn
`Easy' Ian Clayton
Bradley Gardner
Dr Stephen Baker
Steven Pinder
DCI Jack Meadows
Simon Rouse
DS Phil Hunter
Scott Maslen
DS Samantha Nixon
Lisa Maxwell
DS Stuart Turner
Doug Rao
Holly Perkins
Florence Bell
Ryan Fraser
Tom Reynolds


Jan Bauer
Tim Key
Nicholas McInerny