Series 3 - 7. Son of a Coma Guy

Son of a Coma Guy

About this programme

7/24. A man is temporarily woken from a coma to help piece together the family history of his dying son. However, he insists on being allowed to take advantage of his return to consciousness before offering assistance, and embarks on a road trip to Atlantic City with House and Wilson in tow. Meanwhile, Detective Tritter quizzes hospital staff about their boss's drug use. Hugh Laurie stars.

Cast and crew


Dr Gregory House
Hugh Laurie
Dr Lisa Cuddy
Lisa Edelstein
Dr James Wilson
Robert Sean Leonard
Dr Allison Cameron
Jennifer Morrison
Dr Eric Foreman
Omar Epps
Dr Robert Chase
Jesse Spencer
Michael Tritter
David Morse


Daniel Attias
Executive Producer
Paul Attansio
Executive Producer
Katie Jacobs
Executive Producer
Bryan Singer
Doris Egan