The X-Files

Series 9 - 2. Nothing Important Happened Today - Part Two

Nothing Important Happened Today - Part Two

About this programme

2/20. Part two of two. The aquatic human alien hybrid seeks Doggett's help in exposing the men who made her what she is and stopping them continuing their plan to add mutating chemicals to the water supply. However, Reyes discovers evidence that she is not to be trusted. A tip-off from the lone gunmen leads the agents to evidence of a strange experiment. Lucy Lawless guest stars.

Cast and crew


Dana Scully
Gillian Anderson
Shannon C McMahon
Lucy Lawless
John Doggett
Robert Patrick
Brad Follmer
Cary Elwes
Monica Reyes
Annabeth Gish
Melvin Frohike
Tom Braidwood
Ringo Langly
Dean Haglund
John Fitzgerald Byers
Bruce Harwood
Walter Skinner
Mitch Pileggi
Knowle Rohrer
Adam Baldwin
Alvin Kersh
James Pickens Jr
Dr Nordlinger
Jeff Austin


Tony Wharmby
Chris Carter
Frank Spotnitz