Midsomer Murders

Series 2 - 4. Blood Will Out

Blood Will Out

About this programme

4/8. Travellers descend on the sleepy village of Martyr Warren, antagonising local magistrate Hector Bridges, whose subsequent death by shooting brings matters to a head in dramatic fashion. However, the case is later complicated by the discovery of a second body. Mystery, starring John Nettles and Daniel Casey, with guest appearances by Phyllida Law and John Duttine.

Cast and crew


DCI Tom Barnaby
John Nettles
Sgt Gavin Troy
Daniel Casey
Joyce Barnaby
Jane Wymark
Cully Barnaby
Laura Howard
Dr George Bullard
Barry Jackson
Orville Tudway
Kevin McNally
Will Saxby
John Duttine
Muriel Saxby
Elizabeth Garvie
Hector Bridges
Paul Jesson
Jenny Bridges
Tricia George
Fleur Bridges
Honeysuckle Weeks
Tilly Dinsdale
Rowena Cooper
Felicity Dinsdale
Phyllida Law
Peter Fairfax
Ian Thompson
Steffan Fairfax
Daniel Betts
John Smith
Jerome Willis
Michael Smith
Nick Moran
Rachel Smith
Elizabeth Thomas
Maj Harry Thomkinson
David Allister
Shop assistant
Francis Lee


Moira Armstrong
Betty Willingale
Brian True-May
Douglas Watkinson