Midsomer Murders

Dance with the Dead - Part One

About this programme

Part one of two. A man's apparent suicide in an armoured car shocks the village of Morton Fendle, but things take a more sinister turn after it is discovered he was not alone when he died. At the top of Barnaby and Jones's list of suspects is the victim's missing girlfriend, whose mysterious hold over the locals could provide the key to the mystery. John Nettles and Jason Hughes star. Concludes tomorrow.

Cast and crew


DCI Tom Barnaby
John Nettles
DC Ben Jones
Jason Hughes
Joyce Barnaby
Jane Wymark
Cully Barnaby
Laura Howard
Dr Bullard
Barry Jackson
Rosemary Woodhouse
Georgine Anderson
Frances Kirby
Felicity Dean
Tony Kirby
Danny Webb
Elaine Trim
Harriet Thorpe
Richard Budd
Derek Hutchinson
Marissa Clarke
Nicola Redmond
Paul Bright
Ifan Huw Dafydd
Carol Prentice
Wendy Wason
Eric Usher
David Henry
Jim Druce
Geoff Leesley
Laura Sharp
Lizzy Watts
Simon Bright
Edward Davenport
Bella Prentice
Isabella Furst
Henry Pettigrew
Liza Pulman


Peter Smith
Executive Producer
Brian True-May
Brian True-May
Peter J Hammond