Series 6 - 7. Shadow Markets

About this programme

7/16. A carefully prepared sting operation to catch a dangerous cyber criminal is blown by a reckless hacker, who is promptly arrested. However, he becomes the target of a gang of assassins and the team must make every effort to protect him and uncover the activities of a high-profile arms dealer. Crime drama, starring Rob Morrow and David Krumholtz.

Cast and crew


Don Eppes
Rob Morrow
Charlie Eppes
David Krumholtz
Alan Eppes
Judd Hirsch
Dr Larry Fleinhardt
Peter MacNicol
David Sinclair
Alimi Ballard
Amita Ramanujan
Navi Rawat
Nikki Betancourt
Sophina Brown
Ronnie Gene Blevins
Rose Harris
Caroline Lagerfelt
Estelle Brown
Fran Bennett
Kath Berry
Wendy Makkena
Tal Feigenbaum
Pablo Schreiber
Augie Harris
Josh Cooke
Colby Granger
Dylan Bruno
Jon Schmid
DB Woodside


Julie Hebert
Executive Producer
Ridley Scott
Executive Producer
Tony Scott
Executive Producer
Ken Sanzel
Julie Hebert

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