Law & Order: UK

Series 3 - 1. Broken


About this programme

1/7. Two children go on trial for killing a toddler, each blaming the other, and the case hinges on whether forensic evidence can prove who is guilty of strangling the boy to death. CPS director George Castle defies his superiors and takes instruction from the victim's mother, who has a surprising point of view on the crime. Drama, guest starring Deborah Findlay (Cranford), with Bill Paterson.

Cast and crew


DS Ronnie Brooks
Bradley Walsh
DS Matt Devlin
Jamie Bamber
DI Natalie Chandler
Harriet Walter
James Steel
Ben Daniels
Alesha Phillips
Freema Agyeman
George Castle
Bill Paterson
Kim Sharkey
Deborah Findlay
Julie Reid
Lorraine Stanley
Kelly Shaw
Pippa Nixon
Rosie Shaw
Romy Irving
Paige Ward
Annie Cull
Justice Pedotti
Ken Drury
Joy Ackroyd
Nicola Sanderson
Carla Hopley, DPP
Isla Blair
Dr Toby Marsh
Fraser James
Luke Stall
Ray Emmet Brown
Tina Ward
Hannah Storey
Rob Denton
Ricky Champ
Liam Reid
Bradley Ford
News reporter
Saskia Portway
Graham Butler


Andy Goddard
Executive Producer
Jane Featherstone
Executive Producer
Andrew Woodhead
Executive Producer
Dick Wolf
Executive Producer
Stephen Garrett
Richard Stokes
Emilia di Girolamo

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