Doctor Who

Series 5 - 1. The Eleventh Hour

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Review by:
Patrick Mulkern

It was obvious from the off that the 11th Doctor would be up there with the greatest. Despite his youth, Matt Smith instantly embodied our ancient hero, the "mad man with a box", in his 2010 debut. 

Loping, loose-limbed and long-fingered, his "raggedy Doctor" bowls in like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo! and at the end of the episode emerges as a fogey-but-fun physics lecturer who wouldn't look out of place in Wallace & Gromit. 

Both he and new pal Amy Pond are a cartoonist's dream. Karen Gillan has a Celtic luminosity, a full moon phizog and (in her kissogram cop outfit, not the Stan Laurel nightshirt) unbridled sex appeal. Her legs go all the way up, as my gran used to say. 

The Eleventh Hour - a generous timey-wimey 64 minutes - offers funny lines ("You're Scottish. Fry something"), directorial flourishes and a host of blink-and-miss star turns. The most enchanting moments are the top and tail scenes between the Doctor and Amy, which have a strong scent of Roald Dahl and Raymond Briggs and, as with the very best Who, unfold like a bedtime story appealing to the child in all of us. 

About this programme

1/13. With the Tardis wrecked by the Time Lord's regeneration, he crash-lands in a quiet English village, where he has 20 minutes to save the world and finds himself in need of a new companion. Perfectly placed for the job is Amy Pond, who joins him to help recapture an escaped alien prisoner. Starring Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, with guest appearances by Nina Wadia (EastEnders' Zainab Masood) and Annette Crosbie (One Foot in the Grave).

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Matt Smith
Amy Pond
Karen Gillan
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Arthur Darvill
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Nina Wadia
Barney Collins
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Annette Crosbie
Mr Henderson
Arthur Cox
Ice-cream man
Perry Benson
Olivia Colman
Child 1
Eden Monteath
Child 2
Merin Monteath
Atraxi voice
David de Keyser


Adam Smith
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