Coronation Street

Episode 8438

About this programme

David arrives home with Kylie and the children, telling Gail that a hyperactive Max was a nightmare on holiday and he's worried there may be something wrong with him. Roy and Yasmeen fall out while spending the night protesting in the library, while Maddie deals with Amy when she teases Simon about his dad being in prison. At Rob's insistence, Tracy arranges a meeting with the collector who bought Uncle Albert's medal.

Cast and crew


Kylie Platt
Paula Lane
David Platt
Jack P Shepherd
Gail McIntyre
Helen Worth
Roy Cropper
David Neilson
Yasmeen Nazir
Shelley King
Maddie Heath
Amy James-Kelly
Amy Barlow
Elle Mulvaney
Max Turner
Harry McDermott
Simon Barlow
Alex Bain
Tracy Barlow
Kate Ford
Rob Donovan
Marc Baylis


Terry Dyddgen-Jones
Executive Producer
Kieran Roberts
Stuart Blackburn
Debbie Oates