Series 6 - 4. Western Isles & Shetland

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

You have to admire the way Coast presenters are so boundlessly enthusiastic. Tonight, Nick Crane walks into a village shop in the Outer Hebrides. To you or me it might seem like an ordinary shop — but is it? “This is a real Aladdin’s cave!” cries Nick, striding past shelves of toothpaste and baked beans, before alighting on real treasure: “Wooden clothes pegs! I didn’t know these were still available!” Be honest, now: which other series would see the magic in wooden clothes pegs?

The magic doesn’t end there: we discover the acoustics of Fingal’s Cave and see how they make dye for Harris Tweed by boiling lichen.

About this programme

4/6. The team goes island-hopping around the Western Isles and out to Shetland. Nick Crane hunts for gannets on Eriskay, and Neil Oliver hears the tragic story of a 1918 shipwreck off the Isle of Lewis in which more than 200 servicemen returning from the First World War were drowned. Hermione Cockburn tests the acoustic qualities of Fingal's Cave on the uninhabited island of Staffa, and Miranda Krestovnikoff investigates a project to breed a super-strong Shetland pony.

Cast and crew


Neil Oliver
Nick Crane
Miranda Krestovnikoff
Hermione Cockburn


Executive Producer
William Lyons
Series Editor
Steve Evanson