Episode 6920

About this programme

Kerry and Daz are feeling hung-over after their night out and Dan is far from impressed by their antics. He later confides in Bob that he thinks his brother may be a threat to his relationship. As Jai tries to persuade him that Rakesh is bad news, David asks for evidence before he will agree to keep Priya and her suitor apart. Cain witnesses Chas and Adam exchanging words and realises something has happened between them.

Cast and crew


Kerry Wyatt
Laura Norton
Daz Spencer
Mark Jordon
Dan Spencer
Liam Fox
Bob Hope
Tony Audenshaw
Jai Sharma
Christopher Bisson
David Metcalfe
Matthew Wolfenden
Rakesh Kotecha
Pasha Bocarie
Priya Sharma
Fiona Wade
Cain Dingle
Jeff Hordley
Chas Dingle
Lucy Pargeter
Adam Barton
Adam Thomas


Alan Wareing
Executive Producer
John Whiston
Series Producer
Kate Oates
Tim Dynevor