Series 8 - 1. The Spider and the Fly

The Spider and the Fly
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Radio Times
Review by:
Emma Perry

Last season ended with a showdown in Mexico, but the waves are still rippling north of the border in the form of Paloma Reynosa and her brother Alejandro Rivera. They are intent on revenge and Gibbs knows his dad is in the firing line. The banter and seasoned performances continue to make NCIS the procedural with a dull name but a big personality.

There’s a heady finish to tonight’s season eight opener, as Gibbs’s mentor Mike Franks turns up to lend a mangled hand – although they don’t go into the details of how he’s going to pull a trigger without the index finger of his right hand.

About this programme

1/24. Gibbs's father is increasingly frustrated at being kept in his son's house under armed guard, and Franks joins his security detail after emerging from the convent where he had been hiding out. Meanwhile, Ducky finds evidence at a helicopter crash that gives the team an important lead in tracking down Paloma Reynosa, and the drug kingpin's brother Alejandro may have an ulterior motive when he tries to secure a deal involving her extradition. Crime drama, starring Mark Harmon.

Cast and crew


Leroy Jethro Gibbs
Mark Harmon
Anthony DiNozzo
Michael Weatherly
Ziva David
Cote de Pablo
Abby Sciuto
Pauley Perrette
Timothy McGee
Sean Murray
Leon Vance
Rocky Carroll
Dr Donald `Ducky' Mallard
David McCallum
Jimmy Palmer
Brian Dietzen
Jackson Gibbs
Ralph Waite
Mike Franks
Muse Watson
Alejandro Rivera
Marco Sanchez
Paloma Reynosa
Jacqueline Obradors