University Challenge: Class of 2014

Series 1 - Episode 1

University Challenge: Class of 2014
Radio Times
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Alison Graham

There’s fighting talk from a Cambridge University Challenge hopeful who tells us about his hard-working day before adding: “If I’d wanted an easy life, I’d have gone to Oxford.” So, let battle commence in this smashing two-part documentary following students across the country as they jostle for a place on the venerable 52-year-old TV quiz.

We accompany the University Challenge production team as they hurtle around Britain’s colleges and universities, auditioning teams for a place on the show. It’s not enough to be clever, team members have to have “strong characters and personality”, according to a UC boss. People like the mighty Gail Trimble, the “human Google” from 2009.

If you’re a University Challenge fan you’ll love every second as we metaphorically hold the hands of students across Britain who desperately want to represent their universities on TV.

Concludes tomorrow.

About this programme

1/2. For the student teams who appear on University Challenge, their quest begins months before they arrive in the programme's studio to meet formidable host Jeremy Paxman. In this two-part documentary, cameras follow the would-be contestants as they strive to be among the 28 universities and colleges to win a coveted place in the competition, revealing how teams are selected and the preparation they go through for the gruelling audition stage. Richard Osman narrates.

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Vicky Thomas