How Safe Is Your House?

Series 1 - Episode 1

About this programme

1/4. Every year, thousands of people die in household accidents across the UK - and millions more end up being treated in accident-and-emergency. Mark Clemmit is joined by DIY SOS gaffer Mark Millar to hunt for builders whose shoddy work has left houses in a lethal condition, while Angellica Bell goes on the frontline with specialist agencies working to keep homes safe. The two Marks begin in the Highlands of Scotland, searching for a dangerous builder with many complaints against him, and Angellica joins a Trading Standards team investigating a tip-off about deadly toys being smuggled into the country. Plus, a mum-of-two comes face to face with one of the biggest killers in UK homes.

Cast and crew


Mark Clemmit
Mark Millar
Angellica Bell


Executive Producer
Andrew Snowball
Series Producer
Paula Campion