Episode 4896

Radio Times
Review by:
David Brown

Phil Mitchell doesn’t exactly converse with people so much as give them a dead-eyed stare, the odd grunt or – if he’s really got a point to put across – a vicious beating. So it’s very bad luck for him that just as he was being so unusually expansive with Shirley about hiring those thugs to smash up the Albert, who should overhear everything but bar owner Sharon. No wonder she’s now plotting a getaway from her fiancé.

Over at No 31, the pre-watershed (and not entirely credible) take on Breaking Bad continues as social services come calling for Bianca in the wake of Tiff turning up to school with Aunt Babe’s hash brownies.

About this programme

Sharon is distraught after what she overheard and asks Linda to help plan her getaway. But can she really bring herself to leave the Square? Bianca is reeling following the cannabis-cake incident, worried she could face losing her kids now that social services are involved, while Tina worries what will happen if anyone realises her involvement. Ian continues to discourage Denise from visiting Patrick in an attempt to prevent her from discovering his secret, while Cora avoids going to the hospital as it brings back bad memories.

Cast and crew


Sharon Rickman
Letitia Dean
Linda Carter
Kellie Bright
Bianca Butcher
Patsy Palmer
Tina Carter
Luisa Bradshaw-White
Ian Beale
Adam Woodyatt
Denise Fox
Diane Parish
Patrick Trueman
Rudolph Walker
Cora Cross
Ann Mitchell


Claire Winyard
Executive Producer
Dominic Treadwell-Collins
Jeff Povey