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Series 2 - 7. Fast Food

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Michel Roux Jr wants us to turn our back on the evils of ready meals and make our own fast food. Ken Hom is in the studio to knock up a quick stir-fry with steamed rice. But don’t be scared: “Everybody in this country is so nervous about cooking rice,” says Hom, somewhat sweepingly, but he shows us a “foolproof” method.

Later, writer and professional contrarian Julie Burchill sends a little ode of love to supermarkets (which Roux hates and thinks are killing our high streets). She has no time for small independent shops with their personal service – she wants the convenience, bulk and variety only a supermarket can offer: “Make mine mega every time,” she chortles to camera.

About this programme

7/10. Ken Hom joins host Michel Roux Jr for a discussion on dishes that can be prepared quickly, and shows how to create a mouth-watering citrus-flavoured chicken dish in minutes. Drinks expert Kate Goodman picks three Semillon wines from Australia to complement Ken's stir fry and Michel makes a fruity pancake dessert.

Cast and crew


Michel Roux Jr
Kate Goodman
Ken Hom


Executive Producer
Robi Dutta
Series Producer
Hannah Corneck