Coronation Street

Episode 8431

Radio Times
Review by:
David Brown

Where has the humour on Corrie gone? Oh for the days when the Street’s matriarchs would prop up the bar of the Rovers Return and pithily discuss fellas while their feckless menfolk connived in the corners. At the moment it’s all bankruptcies, dour relationship bust-ups and sweating murderers. Can’t we have a few finely crafted put-downs to lighten the load?

It seems not, because here a cash-strapped Owen is summoned to court and a banged-up Peter Barlow is depressed because he’s heard nothing from his dad. Excuse me while I dig out some old episodes featuring Eddie Yeats and Stan Ogden to give me a much-needed laugh.

About this programme

Neil quizzes Steve about his private life as he takes a taxi to the airport, and Andrea begs Lloyd to give her another chance. Will he be able to forgive her? Amy asks if she can borrow Uncle Albert's medal for her First World War project, but Rob can't find it, while Owen and Anna break the news to Gary, Izzy and Katy about their dire situation. Roy and Emily discuss the closure of the library with Yasmeen, who insists they need to take direct action.

Cast and crew


Neil Beckett
William Travis
Steve McDonald
Simon Gregson
Lloyd Mullaney
Craig Charles
Andrea Beckett
Hayley Tamaddon
Amy Barlow
Elle Mulvaney
Rob Donovan
Marc Baylis
Anna Windass
Debbie Rush
Owen Armstrong
Ian Puleston-Davies
Gary Windass
Mikey North
Izzy Armstrong
Cherylee Houston
Katy Armstrong
Georgia May Foote
Roy Cropper
David Neilson
Emily Bishop
Eileen Derbyshire
Yasmeen Nazir
Shelley King


Michael Lacey
Executive Producer
Kieran Roberts
Stuart Blackburn
Damon Rochefort