Coronation Street

Episode 8409

About this programme

Hour-long episode. A drunken Carla flirts outrageously with Tim and is eventually thrown out of the Rovers after insulting Beth, Sean and Julie, but Peter comes to her aid and tells her how much he loves her. Will she allow him back into her life? Lloyd is bewildered by the mixed messages he is getting from Andrea, while Anna asks Owen to play happy families for Faye's sake. Gail receives a letter from Michael in prison, and Todd persuades Marcus to lend him £20 to buy Eileen a present.

Cast and crew


Peter Barlow
Chris Gascoyne
Rob Donovan
Marc Baylis
Deirdre Barlow
Anne Kirkbride
Tracy Barlow
Kate Ford
Anna Windass
Debbie Rush
Faye Windass
Ellie Leach
Norris Cole
Malcolm Hebden
Beth Tinker
Lisa George
Rita Tanner
Barbara Knox
Ann McIntyre
Lorraine Hodgson
Gary Windass
Mikey North
Owen Armstrong
Ian Puleston-Davies
Michelle Connor
Kym Marsh
Carla Barlow
Alison King
Eva Price
Catherine Tyldesley
Sean Tully
Antony Cotton
Todd Grimshaw
Bruno Langley
Lloyd Mullaney
Craig Charles
Steve McDonald
Simon Gregson
David Platt
Jack P Shepherd
Gail McIntyre
Helen Worth
Kylie Platt
Paula Lane
Tim Metcalfe
Joe Duttine
Dennis Tanner
Philip Lowrie
Steph Britton
Tisha Merry
Andrea Beckett
Hayley Tamaddon
Max Turner
Harry McDermott
Jenna Kamara
Krissi Bohn
Eileen Grimshaw
Sue Cleaver
Julie Carp
Katy Cavanagh
Marcus Dent
Charlie Condou
Neil Beckett
William Travis


Griff Rowland
Executive Producer
Kieran Roberts
Stuart Blackburn
Debbie Oates