Episode 6893

Radio Times
Review by:
David Brown

Ross Barton has certainly made a big impression since he arrived on Emmerdale, kissing half the district and robbing the other. “He’s come in with a bang. I’m not keeping count of how many girls he’s been with, but it’s been more girls than months,” actor Michael Parr tells Radio Times.

Tonight, Ross is seen carrying out Donna’s robbery plan, but it’s a scheme that ends with him washing dried blood from his hands. It all sounds like something worthy of Cain Dingle in his law-breaking heyday: “There is a mantle there and Ross could easily fill Cain’s shoes,” agrees Parr. “This storyline is going to get quite dark.”

About this programme

Priya is furious to discover Rishi has been looking to hire a nanny for baby Amba, telling him she would much rather he help her find a husband. With April's financial future playing on her mind, Donna agrees to Ross's job, while Bernice takes revenge on Andy at the salon. Harriet suspects the new woman in Ashley's life is a work of fiction.

Cast and crew


Priya Sharma
Fiona Wade
Rishi Sharma
Bhasker Patel
Donna Windsor
Verity Rushworth
Ross Barton
Michael Parr
Bernice Blackstock
Samantha Giles
Andy Sugden
Kelvin Fletcher
Harriet Finch
Katherine Dow Blyton
Ashley Thomas
John Middleton


Jeff Naylor
Executive Producer
John Whiston
Series Producer
Kate Oates
Jan Pearson