About this programme

Hour-long episode. Dom has a change of heart and rushes into the courtroom, declaring Belle didn't mean to kill Gemma, but his outburst only makes things worse as the prosecution asks for manslaughter to be added to the indictment. The defendant then takes a risk and pleads not guilty. Back in the village, Bernice and Andy are caught in an embarrassing situation at the salon opening, Priya plays happy families with David, and Donna finds she just can't stay away from bad boy Ross.

Cast and crew


Dom Andrews
Wil Johnson
Belle Dingle
Eden Taylor-Draper
Bernice Blackstock
Samantha Giles
Andy Sugden
Kelvin Fletcher
Priya Sharma
Fiona Wade
David Metcalfe
Matthew Wolfenden
Donna Windsor
Verity Rushworth
Ross Barton
Michael Parr


Ian Barber
Executive Producer
John Whiston
Series Producer
Kate Oates
Owen Lloyd-Fox