The Betrayers

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

How does it feel to be thoroughly and brutally conned? “It’s like somebody reaching into your heart… and ripping it out of you,” says Susan matter-of-factly. Susan was one of 30 women who fell for silver-tongued fraudster David Checkley, and she vividly describes the horror of realising the boyfriend you adore is in fact fleecing you and other women out of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

The Checkley tale is extraordinary and brilliantly told here, but for sheer cruelty, it’s hard to beat the woman who used the fact that her friends’ father was dying of cancer to con them. These compulsive liars may be victims of a personality disorder – or simply heartless criminals.

About this programme

From false identities to bogus terminal illnesses, this documentary tells the stories of people who have been duped by loved ones. David Checkley swindled more than 30 women out of hundreds of thousands of pounds, using their money to fund a luxury lifestyle. Public school-educated Alistair Stewart posed as a billionaire former Goldman Sachs banker and conned property broker Nina Siegenthaler out of $1million, while the relatives of a dying man were targeted by Beth Hood, who faked cancer for her own gain. Narrated by Reece Shearsmith.

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Reece Shearsmith


Executive Producer
Paul Hamann