Cold Case

Series 4 - 21. Torn

About this programme

21/24. Rush and the team investigate their oldest case yet when they look into the 1919 death of Frances May Stone - a suffragette intent on changing women's rights for ever. Crime drama, starring Kathryn Morris and John Finn.

Cast and crew


Lilly Rush
Kathryn Morris
Scotty Valens
Danny Pino
John Stillman
John Finn
Nick Vera
Jeremy Ratchford
Will Jeffries
Thom Barry
Kat Miller
Tracie Thoms
Francis Stone
Erin Cahill
Audrey Abruzzi
Ellen Albertini Dow
Ambrose Stone
Zach Grenier
Emma Stone
Tyler Kain
Elizabeth Stone
Carolyn McCormick
Lawrence Wakeley
Judson Pearce Morgan
Philippa `Phil' Abruzzi
Angela Sarafyan
Alice B Harris
Rebecca Wisocky
Janice Warner
McNally Sagal
Ellen Rush
Meredith Baxter


Kevin Bray
Tyler Bensinger