Episode 6883


About this programme

Naomi's ex Charles Tranner arrives in town to confirm the painting was given to her as a parting gift, and once again she falls for his charms. Sheila tries to warn her to steer clear of him, causing more tension between mother and daughter. Meanwhile, Brennan tells Sienna she must find somewhere else to stay and Sonya suspects Callum intends to take his relationship with Josie to the next level.

Cast and crew


Naomi Canning
Morgana O'Reilly
Charles Tranner
David Whiteley
Sheila Canning
Colette Mann
Mark Brennan
Scott McGregor
Sienna Matthews
Sarah Roberts
Sonya Mitchell
Eve Morey
Callum Rebecchi
Morgan Baker
Josie Lamb
Madison Daniel


Executive Producer
Richard Jasek