$£*! My Dad Says

Series 1 - 17. Lock and Load

Lock and Load

About this programme

17/18. Ed's house is burgled by a serial thief, and he comes up with a hare-brained reason as to why the robbery was his girlfriend Rosemary's fault. Meanwhile, Vince has difficulty producing a sperm sample at the hospital when he and Bonnie decide to give artificial insemination a try. Comedy, starring William Shatner and Will Sasso.

Cast and crew


Dr Edison Milford Goodson III
William Shatner
Henry Goodson
Jonathan Sadowski
Bonnie Goodson
Nicole Sullivan
Vince Goodson
Will Sasso
Rosemary Pernworth
Jean Smart


Ted Wass
Executive Producer
Max Mutchnick
Executive Producer
David Kohan