Series 5 - Episode 6

Radio Times
Review by:
Mark Braxton

Connor wakes up in sulphurous surroundings ravaged by toxic winds – not the result of a school chemistry prank but actually a devastated future Earth. Worse still, it’s inhabited by ravenous man-beasts that seem to be a hybrid of Gollum and a piranha.

In the present, meanwhile, maniacal Philip is merrily engineering the apocalypse that will shape this jaundiced wilderness. Can Abby and Matt appeal to Philip’s better nature? Does he have one?

The boiling skies and heightened emotion make for an operatic climax. There’s no word yet on if or when Primeval will return, and at least one question mark has been left dangling.

About this programme

6/6. The ARC is put under threat by an army of future predators as the team fights to prevent the destruction of Earth and save Connor's life. Jess and Lester face a losing battle as they run out of weapons and ammunition, and with time ticking to stop Philip's anomaly expanding, Matt prepares to risk his life in a last-ditch attempt to seal it. Sci-fi adventure, starring Ciaran McMenamin.

Cast and crew


Matt Anderson
Ciaran McMenamin
Connor Temple
Andrew-Lee Potts
Abby Maitland
Hannah Spearritt
Ben Mansfield
Jess Parker
Ruth Kearney
Ben Miller
Philip Burton
Alexander Siddig
April Leonard
Janice Byrne
Emily Merchant
Ruth Bradley


Tim Haines
Tim Haines
Adrian Hodges