The Chicago Code

Series 1 - 7. Blackhand & The Shotgun Man

Blackhand & The Shotgun Man

About this programme

7/13. Wysocki and Evers' investigation of an international drug dealer whose family is in jeopardy is complicated by the intervention of FBI Division Chief Cuyler (guest star Adam Arkin). Meanwhile, Wysocki pines for his ex-wife even though he is soon to remarry.

Cast and crew


Jarek Wysocki
Jason Clarke
Teresa Colvin
Jennifer Beals
Caleb Evers
Matt Lauria
Vonda Wysocki
Devin Kelley
Isaac Joiner
Todd Williams
Liam Hennessey
Billy Lush
Alderman Robin Gibbons
Delroy Lindo
Adam Arkin