Episode 6851

About this programme

James takes £10,000 out of the bank to buy a silage trailer and returns with the cash, parking near the garage where Cain and Moira have been chatting. When a car Ross is working underneath gives way, they rush to his aid, but then James realises the unattended money has mysteriously gone missing. The situation with Belle takes its toll on Zak when Cain finds him having a panic attack in the barn, while Finn masquerades as Declan at an expensive champagne bar, complete with the businessman's credit card. Pete tries to get to the bottom of Debbie's bad mood.

Cast and crew


James Barton
Bill Ward
Cain Dingle
Jeff Hordley
Moira Barton
Natalie J Robb
Ross Barton
Michael Parr
Zak Dingle
Steve Halliwell
Finn Barton
Joe Gill
Pete Barton
Anthony Quinlan
Debbie Dingle
Charley Webb


Ian Bevitt
Executive Producer
John Whiston
Series Producer
Kate Oates
Martin Fustes