Coronation Street

Episode 8371

Radio Times
Review by:
David Brown

The affair between Tina and Peter doesn’t ring true for many reasons, but mainly because you can’t believe she’d do that to another woman, having once been cheated on by Graeme. Yet the whole unconvincing debacle continues to rumble on tonight as Steve tells Tina that he doesn’t intend to breathe a word, despite every single viewer hoping that the truth comes out as quickly as possible.

Thankfully, there’s the ever-energetic Kal to take our minds off things: he’s got rid of that track suit in order to do a turn as a male stripper for a hen night – and Leanne can’t help but admire his six-pack.

About this programme

Leanne struggles to resist temptation when she is left alone with Kal, after he steps in for a stripper who fails to turn up for a hen night at the Bistro. Tracy thinks she has found Mr Right so she proposes to Rob, while Tina is relieved when Steve tells her he doesn't intend to breathe a word about her affair with Peter. Anna takes a cleaning job at the Rovers, Maria watches jealously as Tyrone and Fiz kiss, and Gail is furious to learn the burglar at No 8 only received a 12-month sentence.

Cast and crew


Kal Nazir
Jimi Mistry
Leanne Tilsley
Jane Danson
Tracy Barlow
Kate Ford
Rob Donovan
Marc Baylis
Tina McIntyre
Michelle Keegan
Steve McDonald
Simon Gregson
Anna Windass
Debbie Rush
Maria Connor
Samia Ghadie
Tyrone Dobbs
Alan Halsall
Fiz Stape
Jennie McAlpine
Gail McIntyre
Helen Worth


Menhaj Huda
Executive Producer
Kieran Roberts
Stuart Blackburn
Mark Wadlow