Episode 3831


About this programme

Baby Katy's health continues to decline, causing Finn to worry that his troubled sister might be to blame. Ste plots to bring Fraser's career as the village's resident crime kingpin to an end, and Leela comes across the scene of a devastating crash.

Cast and crew


Blessing Chambers
Modupe Adeyeye
Danny Lomax
Stephen Billington
David `Ziggy' Roscoe
Fabrizio Santino
Dennis Savage
Joe Tracini
Diane O'Connor
Alex Fletcher
Mark `Dodger' Savage
Danny Mac
Finn O'Connor
Keith Rice
Fraser Black
Jesse Birdsall
Freddie Roscoe
Charlie Clapham
Grace Black
Tamara Wall
Joe Roscoe
Ayden Callaghan
John Paul McQueen
James Sutton
Leah Barnes
Ela-May Demircan
Leela Lomax
Kirsty-Leigh Porter
Lindsey Butterfield
Sophie Austin
Lucas Hay
William Hall
Peri Lomax
Ruby O'Donnell
Sam Lomax
Lizzie Roper
Sandy Roscoe
Gillian Taylforth
Sinead O'Connor
Stephanie Davis
Sonny Valentine
Aaron Fontaine
Ste Hay
Kieron Richardson
Tegan Lomax
Jessica Ellis
Tom Cunningham
Ellis Hollins
Tony Hutchinson
Nick Pickard
Trevor Royle
Greg Wood
DS Sykes
Alex McSweeney
Mr Madden
Paul Ryan
PC Matthews
Nicola Alexis


Steve Brett
Kevin Rundle