The Middle

Series 2 - 15. Friends, Lies and Videotapes

Friends, Lies and Videotapes

About this programme

15/24. Axl falls for the charms of his attractive biology teacher, and films secret footage of her to use in his band's online music video. Meanwhile, Frankie embarks on a mission to find a friend for Brick, and Sue disobeys Mike by going to see an R-rated movie. Guest starring Kristin Cavallari (The Hills).

Cast and crew


Frankie Heck
Patricia Heaton
Mike Heck
Neil Flynn
Axl Heck
Charlie McDermott
Sue Heck
Eden Sher
Brick Heck
Atticus Shaffer
Chris Kattan
Mr Ehlert
Brian Doyle-Murray
Mrs Devereaux
Kristin Cavallari