Episode 6826

About this programme

The Barton boys continue to argue after Ross's meddling in Pete's relationship, prompting Moira to take matters into her own hands and ask Debbie to give her nephew a second chance. But will she listen? Rhona and Marlon argue over his refusal to allow Leo to see his sister - but in a moment of anger, an accident with boiling water requires a visit to hospital. Jimmy is furious when he arrives back early and rumbles Charity's plan to put the business into administration, Lisa feels the pressure when Zak invites Dom for tea and Ali and Ruby argue over their finances.

Cast and crew


Ross Barton
Michael Parr
Pete Barton
Anthony Quinlan
Moira Barton
Natalie J Robb
Debbie Dingle
Charley Webb
Rhona Goskirk
Zoe Henry
Marlon Dingle
Mark Charnock
Jimmy King
Nick Miles
Charity Sharma
Emma Atkins
Lisa Dingle
Jane Cox
Zak Dingle
Steve Halliwell
Dom Andrews
Wil Johnson
Ali Spencer
Kelli Hollis
Ruby Haswell
Alicya Eyo


Piotr Szkopiak
Executive Producer
John Whiston
Series Producer
Kate Oates
Tim Dynevor