The Budget 2014

The Budget 2014
Radio Times
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David Butcher

As the Chancellor of the Exchequer delivers his latest blueprint for the economy to the House of Commons, BBC2 offers coverage and analysis. It’s likely to be an upbeat message from George Osborne, given the light winds of growth lifting GDP, but some in Tory circles are nervous. They’re worried it’s too little too late – that families out there in the country won’t have felt the recovery in their pockets before next year’s election.

So whether Osborne opts to turbo-charge growth or focus on debt will be interesting to see. Hosting the coverage, Huw Edwards will corral the experts to tell us what the fiscal changes mean for each of us.

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Coverage from the House of Commons, where Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne outlines his plans for the 2014 Budget. Presented by Huw Edwards.

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