The Worricker Trilogy

Series 1 - 2. Turks & Caicos

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Review by:
David Butcher

Loose-limbed spy Johnny Worricker, last seen whistleblowing at MI5 in Page Eight, has a new life. He is hiding out in Ray-Bans on the Caribbean islands of the title, eating lobster and calling himself Tom Eliot (he’s a poet at heart).

Because Johnny/Tom is played by Bill Nighy, we’re drawn into his world and his predicament. Then Christopher Walken strolls in as a shadowy American who claims to know Johnny; Winona Ryder materialises as a damaged PR woman; Helena Bonham Carter is an old flame. It’s a wonderful line-up, a Rolls-Royce of a cast. But it’s running on flat tyres: the plot lets them down.

A businessman is murdered and for a while we’re watching a highbrow Death in Paradise. But writer/director David Hare gets bored with the murder and reverts to a conspiracy non-thriller about the war on terror, tax havens and private equity. Characters quote poetry and lecture each other on capitalism and “how the world goes round”. Nighy and Walken could be a great double act, but they never get the chance.

About this programme

2/3. The second part of David Hare's spy trilogy, set immediately after the events of 2011's Page Eight. Johnny Worricker is hiding out from MI5 in the West Indies, but an encounter with a CIA agent forces him into the company of some dubious American businessmen, as well as high-powered financial PR Melane Fall. Worricker soon learns the extent of their shady activities and he must act quickly to survive when links to British prime minister Alec Beasley come to light. Starring Bill Nighy, Christopher Walken, Helena Bonham Carter, Winona Ryder and Ralph Fiennes. The final part of the trilogy - Salting the Battlefield - is on next Thursday at 9pm.

Cast and crew


Johnny Worricker
Bill Nighy
Margot Tyrell
Helena Bonham Carter
Stirling Rogers
Rupert Graves
Melanie Fall
Winona Ryder
Curtis Pelissier
Christopher Walken
Gary Bethwaite
Dylan Baker
Clare Clovis
Meredith Eaton
Dido Parsons
Zach Grenier
Natalie Helier
Julie Hewlett
Frank Church
James Naughton
Jim Carroll
Malik Yoba
Aldous Helier
Hansel Piper
Rollo Maverley
Ewen Bremner
Colin Maitlis
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith
Alec Beasley
Ralph Fiennes
Sally Greenwood


David Hare
Celia Duval
David Hare