Agatha Christie's Poirot

Series 9 - 4. The Hollow

The Hollow

About this programme

4/4. A philandering husband is found dying by the swimming pool after being shot during a house party at the home of Lady Lucy Angkatell. Poirot, who is guest of honour at the gathering, appears to have an open-and-shut case on his hands - but the sleuth finds himself up against one of his finest adversaries. Whodunit, guest-starring Sarah Miles (Ryan's Daughter), with David Suchet.

Cast and crew


Hercule Poirot
David Suchet
John Christow
Jonathan Cake
Henrietta Savernake
Megan Dodds
Gerda Christow
Claire Price
Midge Hardcastle
Caroline Martin
Sir Henry Angkatell
Edward Hardwicke
Inspector Grange
Tom Georgeson
Edward Angkatell
Jamie de Courcey
Veronica Cray
Lysette Anthony
Lucy Angkatell
Sarah Miles
Edward Fox
Victor Simms
Ian Talbot
Frances Simms
Angela Curran
Beryl Collins
Lucy Briers
Sgt Coombes
Dale Rapley
Elsie Patterson
Theresa Churcher
Harriet Cobbold
Mrs Pearstock
Paula Jacobs
Young officer
Andrew Watson


Simon Langton
Executive Producer
Michele Buck
Executive Producer
Damien Timmer
Margaret Mitchell
Nick Dear

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