Silent Witness

Series 6 - 4. Closed Ranks

About this programme

4/8. Feature-length episode. A police cadet's body is found, and it soon transpires that his demise mirrors the death of another murder victim killed months previously. When Sam Ryan and her forensic team investigate, they discover the dead man's training college could prove vital in solving the crime. Acclaimed drama series, starring Amanda Burton, with a guest appearance by Tim Healy.

Cast and crew


Dr Samantha Ryan
Amanda Burton
Dr Leo Dalton
William Gaminara
Harry Cunningham
Tom Ward
DS Philip Carter
Tim Healy
Richard Dyer
Jack Shepherd
DC Mona Westlake
Kellie Bright
Cassie Dalton
Lucinda Dryzek
Theresa Dalton
Clare Holman
Gabby Langton
Rebecca Clarke
PC Neil Day
Terence Corrigan
Kris Sherlock
Roger Ennals


Paul Wroblewski
Tony McHale