Episode 6841

About this programme

Left alone to bond with his daughter, Marlon's fears are confirmed when she struggles to warm to him, but Donna then arrives to collect April and is overjoyed by what her ex-husband suggests. Harriet comforts Dom as he takes in the news about Gemma, while Adam's plan to wine and dine Katie goes awry. Charity and Declan find Megan and Jai kissing - and the revelations don't end there for the foursome.

Cast and crew


Marlon Dingle
Mark Charnock
Donna Windsor
Verity Rushworth
April Windsor
Amelia Flanagan
Harriet Finch
Katherine Dow Blyton
Dom Andrews
Wil Johnson
Adam Barton
Adam Thomas
Katie Addyman
Sammy Winward
Charity Sharma
Emma Atkins
Declan Macey
Jason Merrells
Megan Macey
Gaynor Faye
Jai Sharma
Christopher Bisson


Tim Dowd
Executive Producer
John Whiston
Series Producer
Kate Oates
Maxine Alderton