Series 1 - Episode 1

Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

Undeniable is a straightforward psychological thriller, containing elements that are so familiar you’ll sigh out loud – notably the committed cop on the brink of redundancy having one last crack at the unsolved case that’s haunted her career. But it’s still enormously satisfying.

Claire Goose is Jane Philips, who’s happily married with a young daughter. But when she was only seven Jane witnessed her mother’s murder by a stranger, a man who was never caught. Ever since, she’s battled with a legacy of deep emotional problems.

But now, 23 years on, Jane sees the man she’s convinced killed her mother, a respectable medic, Andrew Rawlins (Peter Firth). She’s implacable and deaf to pleas from her family to leave well alone. Luckily she has an ally, Det Insp Alison Hall (Pippa Haywood), the original investigator.

Chris Lang’s story makes no bones about making us take sides, which might not be subtle, but it’s gripping.

About this programme

1/2. Part one of two. Jane Phillips was just a young child when she witnessed her mother's murder and the traumatic incident has haunted her ever since. Twenty-three years later, she comes face to face with the man she believes is the killer - eminent oncologist Andrew Rawlins - and sets out to bring him to justice. However, having wrongly identified others in the past, is she about to destroy an innocent person's life? As inquiries proceed, inconsistencies emerge in both their testimonies and the suspect reluctantly submits to a blood test, which the original investigating officer believes will prove his guilt. Drama, starring Claire Goose and Peter Firth, with Felix Scott, Christine Bottomley, Pippa Haywood and Robert Pugh.

Cast and crew


Jane Phillips
Claire Goose
Andrew Rawlins
Peter Firth
Emma Rawlins
Christine Bottomley
DI Alison Hall
Pippa Haywood
Robert Pugh
Felix Scott
Tracy Brabin
Natalie Radmall-Quirke
Beth Rawlins
Sarah Winman
DS Mark Renwick
Nick Lee
DCI Maurice Jones
Karl Shiels
Det Supt Vikram Singh
Shashi Rami
Young Jane
Libby Dunne
Miss Maclean
Nika McGuigan
Young Annie
Alisha Kelly
Phoebe Strickland
Robert Farrelly
Max Rawlins
Robert Thompson
Hospital manager
John Harding
Antenatal nurse
Lucy Cray-Miller


John Strickland
Jeremy Gwilt
Chris Lang