Series 1 - 6. Sister's Keeper

Radio Times
Review by:
David Butcher

Have you noticed how nobody comes calling on the Sanders household? Apart from Morgan’s luckless boyfriend, people simply don’t come to the door. Where are their friends and neighbours? By now, surely, a few outsiders would have stumbled on the whole family-held-at-gunpoint scenario? No?

Tonight, finally, someone does drop by unannounced – Ellen’s sister Lauren from out of town. She’s played by the excellent Nina Arianda, who does a fine job with what turns into a really quite disturbing subplot laced with dark implications.

Meanwhile, various other over-stretched storylines twang along. It’s all a bit cartoony, but oddly gripping.

About this programme

6/15. When Ellen's sister Lauren turns up unexpectedly at the Sanders' house intending to stay, Duncan forces the surgeon to find a way of getting rid of her sibling without arousing suspicion. Meanwhile, Kramer helps Sandrine find the money she needs to pay off Victor, and Hoffman makes progress with his investigation into Angela's death.

Cast and crew


Dr Ellen Sanders
Toni Collette
Brian Sanders
Tate Donovan
Duncan Carlisle
Dylan McDermott
Kramer Daly
Rhys Coiro
Sandrine Renault
Sandrine Holt
Archer Petit
Billy Brown
Morgan Sanders
Quinn Shephard
Jake Sanders
Mateus Ward
Nina Arianda
Dana Ashbrook
Stan Hoffman
Paul Calderon
Dr Marsh
Melanie Nicholls-King
Randall Burke
Graham Powell
Charlie Andrews
Andy Powers


David Von Ancken