Coronation Street

Episode 8312

Radio Times
Review by:
David Brown

It’s the day of Hayley’s funeral, so why is Roy boycotting proceedings? “He knows that the odds are that Hayley could have still been alive,” says producer Stuart Blackburn. “She may have just had an hour, but that hour could have been good and there’s guilt that he didn’t stop her.”

In the end, it’s Carla who orders Roy to get dressed and they join their neighbours as Hayley’s coffin arrives in the hearse. But, at the wake, Roy is soon feeling besieged by well-wishers and makes his exit. And the day certainly doesn’t end as Anna and Fiz expect: when they call at the café, Roy isn’t there but has left them a note…

About this programme

Roy tells Carla he is boycotting the funeral, but she orders him to get dressed and they join the other mourners at the ceremony. However, after Fiz speaks to the congregation about her memories of Hayley, he feels he can't remain silent anymore. Steve improvises a spread at the Rovers when the caterers fail to deliver the food for the wake, and Andrea drops by to lend a hand. Leanne suggests Nick move back into Victoria Court while she and Simon stay with Stella, and during a visit to the shelter, Sophie is alarmed to see that Maddie's face is bruised. Rob is annoyed when Tracy shuns his offer of a night out to spend time with Amy.

Cast and crew


Roy Cropper
David Neilson
Carla Barlow
Alison King
Fiz Stape
Jennie McAlpine
Steve McDonald
Simon Gregson
Andrea Beckett
Hayley Tamaddon
Leanne Tilsley
Jane Danson
Nick Tilsley
Ben Price
Sophie Webster
Brooke Vincent
Maddie Heath
Amy Kelly
Rob Donovan
Marc Baylis
Tracy Barlow
Kate Ford
Amy Barlow
Elle Mulvaney


David Kester
Executive Producer
Kieran Roberts
Stuart Blackburn
Ellen Taylor