Series 6 - 2. Devon and Cornwall

Devon and Cornwall
Radio Times
Review by:
Ruth Margolis

Probably the worst thing you can say about Coast is that it’s visual wallpaper; something to keep your eyes stimulated while you’re doing the ironing on autopilot or yelling at the kids. What works best is dipping in and out, picking out the interesting bits and ignoring the parts where, say, a cagouled presenter talks on the history of Brixham trawlers.

I pricked up right around the time Alice Roberts tried to explain how waves work, then simulated them in a swimming pool. It’s not the water that’s moving, something’s moving through the water, she offers up, teasingly. There’s also an enjoyable piece on the Scilly Isles and a man who runs the UK’s most remote fish and chip shop.

About this programme

2/6. Nick Crane visits the Devon and Cornwall coastlines, joining a fishing expedition on board one of the last remaining Brixham trawlers, which were constructed more than 100 years ago. He explores a string of forts built by Henry VIII, before taking a ferry to the Isles of Scilly, where Miranda Krestovnikoff goes snorkelling in the underwater seagrass meadows. Mark Horton recalls how Lawrence of Arabia helped develop rescue boats in Plymouth, Dick Strawbridge learns about the steam-power revolution pioneered in the tin mines of Cornwall, and Alice Roberts discovers how weather far out at sea generates waves that hit the UK's shoreline.

Cast and crew


Nick Crane
Miranda Krestovnikoff
Dick Strawbridge
Alice Roberts
Mark Horton


Executive Producer
William Lyons
Series Editor
Steve Evanson