Episode 4812

Radio Times
Review by:
Jane Rackham

While things in the Moon household go from bad to worse over Stacey’s surprise return (and things can’t improve now that half of Walford seems to know she’s back), there’s trouble at number 45, too.

Of course, we all know that 15-year-old wild child Cindy Junior is pregnant by Terry’s son TJ (although I’m not sure that many of us care) and that, having changed her mind about having a termination, she’s planning to keep the baby. But there’s someone in Albert Square who is blissfully ignorant about the situation. Ian Beale is about to get the smile wiped right off his face.

About this programme

With Cindy facing a medical emergency, Liam needs help - and fast. Luckily for him, Tina comes to the rescue, and when Sonia learns the girl is pregnant, she is quick to offer her support. At the hospital, the two women soon forge an unlikely friendship - but what will happen to Cindy? Alfie and Kat are fearful when they think their secret is out, stretching their relationship to the limits - and leaving Kat with only one option. Patrick and Cora's friendship deepens when they come to a mutually beneficial agreement.

Cast and crew


Cindy Williams
Mimi Keene
Liam Butcher
James Forde
Tina Carter
Luisa Bradshaw-White
Sonia Fowler
Natalie Cassidy
Alfie Moon
Shane Richie
Kat Moon
Jessie Wallace
Patrick Trueman
Rudolph Walker
Cora Cross
Ann Mitchell


David Moor
Executive Producer
Dominic Treadwell-Collins
Carey Andrews