Episode 6791


About this programme

Kate arrives at the cottage and breaks through the door, finding Georgia unconscious and alone in a gas-filled room. Will she be able to revive her? Meanwhile, Lucy encourages Lauren to tell Brad about her past pregnancy, and Toadie is dismayed to learn Jacob has dumped baby Elliott on Sonya, with no indication of when he will return.

Cast and crew


Lou Carpenter
Tom Oliver
Sheila Canning
Colette Mann
Karl Kennedy
Alan Fletcher
Susan Kennedy
Jackie Woodburne
Paul Robinson
Stefan Dennis
Toadfish Rebecchi
Ryan Moloney
Callum Rebecchi
Morgan Baker
Kate Ramsay
Ashleigh Brewer
Sonya Mitchell
Eve Morey
Kyle Canning
Christopher Milligan
Georgia Brooks
Saskia Hampele
Chris Pappas
James Mason
Matt Turner
Josef Brown
Lauren Turner
Kate Kendall
Amber Turner
Jenna Rosenow
Bailey Turner
Calen Mackenzie
Mason Turner
Taylor Glockner
Terese Willis
Rebekah Elmaloglou
Brad Willis
Kip Gamblin
Imogen Willis
Ariel Kaplan
Joshua Willis
Harley Bonner
Josie Lamb
Madison Daniel
Danni Ferguson
Laura McIntosh
Gemma Reeves
Kathryn Beck
Jacob Holmes
Clayton Watson
Ruby Knox
Maggie Naouri
Kelly Merolli
Maya Aleksandra
Peter Slattery
Nicholas Stribakos
Lucy Robinson
Melissa Bell


Executive Producer
Richard Jasek