Midsomer Murders

Series 16 - 3. Wild Harvest

Wild Harvest
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Radio Times
Review by:
Alison Graham

A local farmer is found in the woods near Midsomer Wyvern (Midsomer being an area that appears to grow exponentially by the week). He’s been tied to a tree, daubed in truffle oil and nibbled to death by a rampaging wild boar. Even by Midsomer Murders’ customary outré standards this is a particularly labour-intensive way of killing someone.

But nothing ruffles the equanimity of DCI Barnaby (Neil Dudgeon), as he and his sidekick Charlie Nelson (Gwilym Lee) potter through the tastefully furnished corridors of the flash Wyvern House hotel and restaurant into a seething kitchen run by a temperamental star chef, Ruth Cameron (Sharon Small).

Soon we become embroiled in unhappy marriages (there are very few solid unions in Midsomer) and complicated musical-chairs relationships before the killer with the culinary nous is caught. This episode was postponed for FA Cup football on 15 January.

About this programme

3/5. When wealthy farmer Martin Strickland is discovered bound to a tree, doused in truffle oil and mauled to death by a wild boar, the investigation leads DCI Barnaby to tyrannical celebrity chef Ruth Cameron at the upmarket Wyvern House restaurant. However, secrets from the past surface after the murderer strikes again, and the repercussions are felt further than they were originally intended. With Neil Dudgeon, Neil McCaul, Sharon Small, Marc Elliott and Arabella Weir.

Cast and crew


DCI John Barnaby
Neil Dudgeon
DS Charlie Nelson
Gwilym Lee
Sarah Barnaby
Fiona Dolman
Kate Wilding
Tamzin Malleson
Martin Strickland
Neil McCaul
Ruth Cameron
Sharon Small
Nick Iver
Marc Elliott
Amy Strickland
Lucinda Dryzek
Johnny Linklater
Clive Wood
Ferdy Linklater
Tyger Drew-Honey
Lizzy Thornfield
Hayley Mills
Jamie Weston
Matt Kennard
Stephanie Weston
Catherine Bailey
Camilla Strickland
Lucy Akhurst
Angela Linklater
Arabella Weir


Renny Rye
Executive Producer
Jo Wright
Louise Sutton
Sally Griffiths
Rachel Cuperman