Star Trek: The Next Generation

Series 1 - 3. The Naked Now

The Naked Now

About this programme

3/26. The Enterprise crew members fall victim to a mysterious disease that causes them to act in a drunken manner - with potentially fatal consequences as they career toward a star on the verge of exploding. Starring Patrick Stewart and Wil Wheaton.

Cast and crew


Capt Jean-Luc Picard
Patrick Stewart
Cdr William T Riker
Jonathan Frakes
Lt Cdr Data
Brent Spiner
Wesley Crusher
Wil Wheaton
Geordie LaForge
LeVar Burton
Tasha Yar
Denise Crosby
Beverly Crusher
Gates McFadden
Deanna Troi
Martina Sirtis
Sarah McDougal
Brooke Bundy
Jim Shimoda
Benjamin WS Lum
Transporter chief
Michael Rider


Paul Lynch