The Big Bang Theory: Viewer's Choice

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Mark Braxton

This Friends-with-PhDs has been a ratings supernova for E4 and, while taking a breather from the current series, the channel gives over the NYE schedule to you, the viewers. From a shortlist of 25 episodes, fans have picked their faves, and the top five will be aired tonight. 

So, will they include the story where pretty Penny turns into a cave troll after being hooked on role-playing games? The one where Sheldon thinks he's made a high-profile friend, only to moan, "Why does everyone love me except Stephen Hawking?" Or the fabulous flashback outing containing Sheldon's flat-share interview for Leonard? ("Kirk, or Picard?")

One person's big bang is another's God particle, so it really doesn't matter. They're all fantastically funny. It's a grin-grin situation.

About this programme

E4 celebrates the popular comedy - about four friends who understand more about the laws of physics than they do about interacting with other people - with a Top 5 countdown of episodes from the first six series of the show, as voted for by viewers in an online poll. The first edition is the entry placed fifth by fans.


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